Hey people!
I've been watching a few netflix shows recently and I want to share them with you.

a. Prison Break: it has 4 seasons on Netflix (but it has now a 5th season that isn't on netflix for the moment). It's about a guy, Michael who wants to help his brother escape from prison (his brother, Lincoln is on the death row for a crime he didn't commit). I won't say a lot more but if you want an interesting show with action and love; it's a show for you.

prison break, wentworth miller, and tattoo image

b. Dear white people: It only has 1 season with 10 episodes, it's the only thing that kinda bothered me because i loved those episodes. It talks about the difference between black and white people in society.It made me cry and really touched me. If you wanna learn things about racism and how little things (like the n-word) can affect people, i'm recommending you this show.

dear white people image

c. The mentalist: You've probably heard about this show, it's quit a long show (7 seasons) but i still recommend it if you like crime shows it's for you. what i liked is that you really get to know the most important people of the show and you can watch them grow through the show.

tea, the mentalist, and mentalist image

d. Sense 8: It's a netflix show that has 2 seasons for the moment but each episode is about 1 hour and sometimes even longer. At the beginning it's confusing because the story is in 8 different cities around the globe. The story is REALLY catchy, i love it and the fact that it's in different places you also release how the culture changes from one city to another. But ATTENTION, there are some sex scene (they don't hide anything on the screen)

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e. White collar: it's the last show i'm gonna talk about, it's kinda like the mentalist except for the fact that it's more about robbery, not about crimes. it has 6 seasons, i loved them all, it has mystery, love & action in it.

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I hope you liked this article (it's my first one and i'm sorry if there are some mistakes in it, i don't speak english fluently, so yeah) and you'll watch one of these shows.