I know it can sounds crazy but yes, We Heart It is actually helping me in my studies, espacially the articles. I'll explain you why.

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I live in France and I'm studying mathematics at college. I'm in second year and even if my schedule is 99% composed of maths lessons I still have english lessons 3 hours per weeks. At the end of the scholar year (May for me) I will have to take an english exam which, I learned today, will be an written expression.

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You can imagine how happy I was because every WHI articles I will write will be a training for my exam. Because of this I will try to write new articles regularly about differents subjects.

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If you want to help me, don't hesitate to tell me if you notice recurrent mistakes or some sentences which don't "sound english", I will be very grateful.

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I will see you soon through my articles, have a nice day.