We all learn best in different ways. That's why I decided to write about study methods to give you some inspiration and help you to find the method that works best for you. Don't be afraid to try out new things.


Write on one side the concept/question and on the other side the explanation/answer. Then read the concept/question and try to explain or answer it. Check your answer with the back of the flashcard. Divide your flashcards in three groups:

  • The ones you don't know.
  • The ones you need to review.
  • The ones you already know.

This method is perfect for studying definitions or things you need to remember.

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Extra tip: Color code your flashcards with highlighting the edges.


Write down questions and answers on the side of a page. For expample: What? How? Why? Why is this the way it is? How can my teacher ask this on the test? Do this apply to other subjects/classes? Do this apply to real life? Add explanations and create examples for every topic. Doodle little things related with the topic and draw diagrams.

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I am pretty sure most of you already know about this technique, but I want to mention it again, because it can be very helpful. Write the title in the middle and the subtitles around it.

Mini Mindmaps

Write mini mindmaps about a specific topic on a post it. Use them like flashcards. Study them and then try to copy them from your memory.

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Teach to yourself or others

Study your notes (all of them or just part of them), take a white-board or a piece of paper and teach them to yourself, an imaginary friend, a real friend, or your pet. Practice until you can do it from memory.


Create diagrams of the processes you need to learn.

Blanc page

Put aside your notes and take a blanc sheet. Write on it absolutely everything you remember about certain topic. Besides studying, you’ll know what you know and what you need to review.

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Pomodoro technique

This technique can help you to focus on your work. You study for 25 minutes and then you can have a 5 minute-break. This counts as one Pomodoro. After 4 Pomodoros there is a long break (30 minutes).

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This is just somthing I want to remember. Solve every exercise you have (resolve previous test and look for other ways to practise). Applying the contents is the most efficient way to study.

If you need more study tips, the be sure to check out my collection all around studying.

x Nicca