I think you all know that i am a Vegetarian.I am no longer.I am so sad about this.Because this was one of the best things that i have ever done in my life and now,i am no longer a Vegetarian.Here is why,
Yesterday,i did some blood test with my doctor.today i got the results.It is horrible.
My doctor said,your blood is very low.And if you keep avoid eating meat,you gonna be anemic patient.
After 2 years,after saving almost 200 animals....it should not be like this.But it is..I am no longer veggie and i am so angry and sad about that.
But please remember,this does not mean i am gonna eat them all.I will only eat meat when i need.
And i will always support PETA,Vegans etc.Please just stop saying you are not animal lover.I need to do this for my life..I am so sorry..