"we're not the same people we were when we met," he said.

she glanced at him nervously waiting for him to continue because she'd heard this all before, and she knew where this was going. she knew how people tried to let her down softly but the heartbreak still hurt like she'd been dropped from the sky. and she knew that the boy standing in front of her was going to take a long long time to get over; she thought he was different and had hoped that this time it might last.

"everything has changed," he paused, "but I think it's better now."

her mind was racing, was this the weirdest break up ever or something a million times better?

he took a drink of beer and proceeded, "when we met, I thought I loved you straight away, but I realise now that was only lust. call me shallow but I only talked to you at that starbucks because I thought you were the prettiest girl I'd ever seen, and I thought it was love at first sight. but it wasn't. now everything has changed, I know all your quirks and insecurities, I've realised you're not the perfect girl that I thought you were when I first saw you."

she raised her eyebrows and almost laughed. as if he thought she was perfect, when they first met she was windswept and tired clutching a mug of coffee. maybe he was just drunk and didn't know what he was saying right now, she thought.

"but it's your imperfections that are making me fall for you more and more everyday. I love you, I've fallen in love with you for who you are and I wouldn't change that for the world."

"I love you too," she whispered, and all of a sudden her mind was at peace.