Hi !
It's almost autumn, and I really love autumn because it's too cold and rainy to go outside so you watch movies all day long. So I made a list of my favourite movies during autumn and Halloween.

1. Corpse Bride
When I was young I was so afraid of this movie, but now I love really love it :). It's about a guy who's going to marry a woman but is afraid to ask her so he practices in the forest where he accidentally marry's a corpse (?!?!?!).

2. Ghostbusters
Ghostbusters is always amazing to watch, and I mean who hasn't watched it more than at least 5 times...

3. Nightmare Before Christmas
I know what you're gonna say but listen! I know it is actually a Christmas movie but I just love watching it with Halloween because it's also a little spooky.

4. Halloween
With Halloween, you can't forget the creepy horror movies so maybe you can watch Halloween ( or all of them, I think there are three of them? )

5. The Shining
Of course, you can't forget The Shining. This is literally my favourite movie! It's not that scary it's just super creepy and just wow! Every thing about the movie is perfect for Halloween

So this is my top 5 I think? Of course, there are so much more movies to watch like Scream, Coraline, Psycho (!!!), Saw, Hocus Pocus and so much. But I need to stop I am too excited !!!