its finally here. Its finally time to be able to watch Nightmare Before Christmas and actually be in the spirit. Also hoodies can be worn. Right now in the morning it gets a little chilly but later in the day it goes back to hot but my school is freezing so i usually end up wearing them anyway. In my opinion fall is the best time to go outside and either have a drink of some sort, maybe read some or play with animals because its the best weather to me, sometimes its not too hot or cold and plus i can wear shorts with a hoodie and still be in a perfect body temperature. Relaxing is the way for me to go on a day that feels great, or maybe trying to convince my mom to take me to the outlet mall. I am a single lady so stealing hoodies from a boyfriend isn't very easy for me. But luckily i have a older brother that i can easily get a hoodie from. In fact i am currently sitting in my 8th grade History class in my brothers hoodie and some sweatpants, only wearing sweatpants because our dress code has been lifted for 2 weeks. I feel like Fall is when i'm most calm and relaxed. Mostly only on the weekend tho