Hello , everybody this is my first article and i'm very excited to share my ideas and thoughts with you guys .
so today i'm going to talk about something really important , we all have goals and dreams that we are desperately trying to achieve and each time we try to make a move we end up canceling everything just because we are afraid of failing .
You feel like there is a huge wall separating you from making the first move :( but i will tell you something and i say that from a very personal experience i have been struggling from my weight for a very long time and i can't tell you how much i had been through harsh and harmful comments from my society and for that i have been through depression and anxiety that made me almost incapable of doing anything .
Every time i tried to make a move i tell myself this :

what's the point i'm not gonna succeed i will always be a loser and i am a pathetic person

those were the exact words i used to tell myself every single time then i came to realize that i was afraid of facing my own demons i was running away from the only battle that i had to face , but that is not me i'm not the type that run away this is not who i am and that's when i decided to change my life i started about two years ago and i made it i lost so much weight and people were completely shocked when they saw me :) even though it took that much time but the result completely worth it .

My only advice to you guys no matter how you feel about yourself right now it's not too late to change your life , there is no particular time to start you can start for example the moment you read this article :) you can do anything as long as you have the right spirit to it , even if it take a long time even if you feel lost don't give up it's not too late each time you feel like you lost control remember you can still start over and over again just don't lose hope and you will see in the end you will reach your goal and when you look back at how far you have come to achieve this you will feel completely proud of yourself <3

hope you guys have a great evening and i hope my article help you to make your move and start chasing your dreams .