Sitting alone at home on my bed and thinking about who I am. That´s a questian I always thinking about and I did it so often that I don´t now when it started. But I never found the answer and so I´m going every day to school and live my life. I´m not the best student and I´m a bit crazy. I have friends where I don´t know if they are true friends and I have friends where I know they are true friends. I know that I have more "not" true friends than true friends. Than I come home and I´m feeling alone again and again. And so it´s every week. Will it change some day? I don´t know.

Is there anyone who feels the some as I feel?
I hope so that I will meet someone who would go with me around the world!
Maybe you are the person and maybe not...

I don´t know it but maybe you know it?!