Sometimes fit into something can be really hard, especially when you are a teenager and you think you need to fit into everything to be happy or accepted by people.
This is even worst if you don't love yourself the way you need to.
I have problems with loving myself in the way I am, and I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one, with society idea of perfection, we just can't be in harmony with ourselves.
We need to learn we don't need to fit into anything to be happy, we can be all the weird we want and that's not a problem.
And believe me, I know this can be REALLY hard, trying to love yourself with all your weirdness can be so fucking frustrating. Probably because we are our principal enemy and we don't know how to stop that.

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If you don't agree with something say it out loud and don't be afraid of that, feel free to say what you think.
You need to understand that you do not need to be the same as others to be loved, that you can think differently, that you can choose different things for your life and that will never be wrong.
we need to understand that we don't need to have thousands of friends but the right ones, that we don't have to be the most popular to be important.
let's leave behind that and learn to be unique and wonderful in the way we are!.
let's leave the struggle to fit in...

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