hello, im your moon
annoying moon, dramaqueen moon, sturnborn moon
yes, i did all these.
im here with the same feeling with the first feeling that i put when i met you 3 years before.
i always so happy to have you that i feel iam the lucky girl in this world. i always want to show you up , i always get excited all about you.
but you dont. you never feel that .
oh maybe becuse in the past you never saw me or maybe you never got interested about me . that all so painful mided but yes you are.

we never talk each other but i always want to do
we never got interest even we were in the same place but i want to

i know that you didnt like me. i just force you to do that right,

finallu we in relationship with heavy strunggle for me
not for you actually.
i fight for you but you didnt'
i waiting fot you but you didnt
i excaited for you but you didnt

im sorry if i always force to be my side
i just so
i just want someone to lean on

everyday i got heavy day and bad day
i always want to someone to talk to
i think we close for a years you can open your heart in for me'
but you didt
again i too much dream
and you said that im not too good for you, my heart too bad for you.
maybe yes. the reason why im so annoying are i just want your attention
that you never give

you said that you didt want to in relationship with me again , and that hurt so much