Success... Something all of us are trying to achieve... For many people, it's to be rich and powerful. For others... Just to be good in your job. But, it's common to all of them that you must be noticed as a good one.

I am 24, I have been a good student, straight A's, college wasn't a big drama to me, master also, I even considering PhD, have a B2 at 4 languages (English is one of them - so, it's not perfect, as you can see :) ), start working in a good company, and then... A madness began.

My boss always pushing me, nothing's good enough, while others were like: ,,She is amazing, nice, smart, beautiful, why is he hates her?". According to his words, I am great, but, when we are alone, he's yelling for no reason, doesn't give me weekends or holidays (that's not what I signed in my contract) and that's ofc not payed to me.

He controls every moment of my life, because when I'm on a weekend trip with my boyfriend or friends/family, he constantly calling me to translate something to him, to write an e-mail, to call him a cab ( yes! :D ) and if it's not done immediately, he turns into beast. Literally.

So, I decided to leave.

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When I was planned to tell him that, our foreign partners came and it's ordered to me to translate.

That was yesterday and it was one of my worst days in this company.

He was like: ,,That's not correct, you're wrong, your translations isn't so good..." Non of us are native speaker in that language I translated (German), but our foreign partners are.

I was so disappointed, doubting in myself...

But on today's meeting, foreigners ask me to translate. Then, they choose me to translate tomorrow.

When I asked why they didn't choose someone else, their chairman told me:

,,Because your German is better. You can't expect a praise from people who were trying, in front of us, to humiliate you, just because you're better. You are invited tomorrow, he's not."

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Now, I am so happy and feeling proud and good in what I'm doing and yesterday I thought I'm the most unsuccessful person ever.

Anyhow, I decided to leave and counting days until the expiration of the contract. I have already a job offer in another company, but that is another story. :)

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