If you can't give up on your favourite, not that healthy foods, but you're still have goals in mind then here you are few substitutions you can make to keep you on track.

1. HONEY FOR SUGAR. As sweet as sugar and 100 times healthier than it, honey is a great substitution when it comes to sweetening your coffee, tea or even milk. Also, it is lower in calories and way more nutritious.

2. WATER WITH CITRUS SLICE FOR SODA. Instead of sugary sodas, opt for a glass of water with a few slices of citrus-grapefruit, lime, orange, and lemon all work well-for a little extra flavor.

3. POPCORN FOR POTATO CHIPS. Lower in fat, natural popcorn is a great snack alternative to replace those oily, super-salty and filled with chemicals potato chips. Try different flavos by adding cinnamon, himalayan salt or chili powder.

4. WHOLE WHEAT BREAD FOR WHITE BREAD. Whole-grain wheat beats the processed white with a complete nutrition profile and better flavor and texture, ecause it includes the outer shell of the grain.

5. OATMEAL FOR CEREAL. Cereal is (usually) more processed with extra added sugar and additives.You can easily get fooled, thinking your breakfast is healthy.

6. DARK CHOCOLATE FOR MILK CHOCOLATE. Only chocolate can replace chocolate, so go for one with at least 60% cocoa mass. But also be aware of the quantity, just because it's dark chocolate doesn't mean it's okay to eat the whole package at once.

Learn how to make healthy substitions not restrictions so that you reach your goals and enjoy life in the same time.
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