Remind yourself,
of the best times,
of the good memories.


everybody cares about how they look more than they should,
but do you realise something about that?
because everybody cares so much about themselves,
nobody will care about the looks of others,
everybody is way to concerned about their own insecurities.

So you just keep doing what you want to do,
be comfortable with yourself,
be brave to maybe even try new things sometimes,
you do you.

and always remember,
things take time.

Keep that in mind.

maybe sometimes everything seems like a never ending fall, doesn't it?
Well, I know this won't be some breaking news, you've for sure heard this before but,
it'll always get better - and eventually you'll look back at this moment in time and see things you weren't able to see at first.

so, in the mean time,
why don't you take a little timeout, get yourself comfortable and look at the little things that bring sparks of happiness in your life?
Need any examples?

- the lazy colours your town gets dunked into during the early hours of the morning
- the smell and sound of fresh rain during a grey day
- hot tea or a nice cup of hot cocoa
- also, the smell of freshly brewed coffee
- scented candles
- your favourite show, a comfortable blanket, pillows - do I need to say more?
- calm music
- the little daydreams you get about a certain situation where you just can't help yourself but think 'yeah, that'd be good one day maybe'

and the list goes on and on.

Well, that's at least quite a bit to think about,
or in other words, it's just a little something.

Until then,
love, M. x