i long for the 7 am alarm sounds
blaring from the speaker of your phone
accompanied by the soft thud
of your beating heart
against your beautiful chest
my fingers will run through
your coffee coloured tresses
reminding me of the
caffeinated drink awaiting our mouths
just down a flight of stairs
i wish to be your 11 am
pleasantly yellow and bright
a blue sky that contrasts
with the memories of the
dark night before it
where your cheeks were
pink and warm against
my red and bitten lips
and our hands were
intertwined beside us
the afternoon hours of
3 and 4 and perhaps until 6
will never be found boring
as long as i am in your arms
or you are in mine
the tea in our glass cups
will be warm and comforting
and vaguely reminiscent of
the days before i met you
when my tea ran cold
and my tears fell hot
as 10 pm is nearing
i will gladly escort you
into our shared chambers
the stars will shine bright
outside of our glass windows
the moon will greet us
whispering her soft breath
fluorescing upon our bed
guiding us into our sweet dreams
i will be your 3 am
when you hurt the most
hot tears that cascade from
your beautifully dark eyes
will seep into my veins
and i will let them
for any pain of yours
is a pain of my own
and i will make you feel whole again
even when your head is clouded
your eyes will close again
eyelashes resting upon your cheeks
and i will remember how
lucky i am to have you
to hold you in my arms
because 3,000 miles
is one mile too far
because you are my future
in which i never believed i had
because soft music plays
when i hear your voice
because you make me warm
and a life without you
in my arms is cold
and one day everything
we've wished for will come
and we will never have to
wish again.