Hello, Hearts!
In the previous article (*), I wrote about how to edit our photos and also I wrote that taking the perfect photos is impossibile.

Aren't they human?
Why are their selfies so perfect and ours no?
Who could help us to solve this drama?

But obv Kylie Jenner, the Selfie Queen. The little one of Kardashian-Jenner family is a selfie addicted as we can see on her Instagram account.

kylie jenner and kylie image kylie jenner, hair, and jenner image

On her own app,she shared some tips.
1.We have to know our best side/angle.
For example, Kylie said the best side of her face is the right one with hair behind her ears.

kylie jenner image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Her sister Kim said she always takes the smartphone camera a little over the eyes level with her chin down so that the double chin doesn't form and the darkness under the eyes isn't seen. We have to try.

kylie, kim, and kylie jenner image Image removed
Apparently, her "secret" is used by the others members family.

The light is important too. It can be natural or the light of the bulbs.
Kylie loves the sunset light cuz makes a contrast of lights and shadows on her face.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed

She found out her refrigerator has a good light too. LOL
Personally, I think natural light is the best. The light of the bulbs makes me look ill.

3.The backgroud
Try to avoid the bathroom: it's not so nice to see the wc, the shower and other things like these. If you really wanna take a selfie mirror in the bathroom, try to avoid those element.
(for the mirror, the bigger, the better)
If you're in your bedroom, try to make it tidy.

Obv the pose is one of the most important element. Try to act natural, not too serious or, at least, not always serious. Even if, in a recent interview, Bella Hadid said she never smile because she thinks smiling distorts her face. But it's not what we see in this cute pic.

Image removed

Many celebrities love the duck-face cuz, Kim said, it emphasizes the cheekbones.

Temporarily removed Image removed

5.Try and try and try again
Everyone is agreed to say that taking selfies/photos needs patience and hard work cuz we have to combinate all the 4 points above. Kim and Kylie say they take a lot of photo and, after an accurate analysis, the choose the one that make them satisfied. Their advice is to find some standard poses that we can use whenever we want.

So, we can't do anything but try and try until we'll FINALLY find our poses and find out how to take a good selfie.
At the moment, I didn't find out what my best side/angle is or what my best poses are so I think have to keep working on this points for a long. I can't do nothing but follow their instructions and hope in the miracles.
And you? Do you have some advice? Have you already tried these tips?
Let me know. I'll be thereee, I'll be clooosee. It's your fear that we woon't. If thiiis dieees, be my ghooost
NO, SORRY FOR THIS LITTLE DEVIATION but it's one of my fave songs of Zayn. LOL

Daisy xoxo

(*) This is the previous article:

PS: This is my collection "photo poses" for some inspiration.