Am I the only one being so damn tired of going to school? I'm one year away from my graduation and eventhough I've never loved to go to school, lately it's actually getting pretty bad.
Don't get me wrong. I LOVE learning. I love getting into a topic so much you crave to know everything about it. I love to experience new things, to be assailed with knowledge. It's the most powerful thing someone can have, besides kindness.
But going to school everyday, seeing boring people, people I can't talk to because all they care about is sex, alcohol and looks. I'm so tired of those people. I want to gain new input. I need to see new people, go to new places, on new adventures and experience a different way of learning.
I wanna travel around the world, get to know different cultures, different people, just learn from experiencing, learning from living. Not living to learn. Because that's excacly what schools about. They think they can put you in a room, confront you with 'theoretically put across knowledge' and just act on the assumption that we are interested and that we just understand.
But life's not working like that! Because "I think people have forgotten that education is supposed to be a tool to help you on your way to greatness, not the definition of how great you are."!!!