anyone make the dfference for a friend,lover or just an unknow person;
everyone can help other people;
everyone is a different person but everyone is equal under the same laws.
for me meet a person it's like an adveture in a new world,i like to discover the person i have in front of me ,the different way to think,feel,be.

hope one day all this will happen for anyone...

hope i find amazing people like my best friends 'cause life is a mix...and friends and family are the most important things.

i'm very shy and introvert,i haven't many friends but with my best friends i have had incredible moment,discovered a new part of myself advice is to surround you with many friens,REAL friends and no matter if many will not see you again for many times 'cause at the end you will find them again in a strange place or when you least expect it.
each of them will be part of your life.


THANK YOU for reading.
i'm sorry for my English i hope you understand.