What girl doesn't love a bit of glitter makeup and sparkle in their lives?? Glitter makeup gives you the opportunity to take your look to the next level.

Professional makeup artists use and abuse glitter in all the freshest and funkiest fashion shows! A bitta sparkle withh glam up any makeup look.

Whether it's for a summer festival, a Halloween party, or just a big GNO - you need to invest in some face glitter asap.

Wish upon a sparkle provide glitter makeup for weddings, conferences, parties... you name the event, they make it sparkle.

The great news is, they now sell their amazing sparkles online!! These fine, light glitters leave a sparkling veil over the face, body and hair.

Some of their designs are truly spectacular. See more products here...

www.wishuponasparkle.com/shop and get some glitter makeup inspiration here - www.wishuponasparkle.com

Image by Bethany Pembrook glitter, Halloween, and halloween makeup image halloween inspo and skull make up image Image by Bethany Pembrook

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