Some love them, some hate them, others don't really care.
Although I believe that tattoos are beautiful when responsible. Before one actually marks their skin forever, it is important tha they pick the tattoo they want to get and the body part, the studio and the artist.

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Their meaning.

Tattoos usually look cool and some get them just for that. But there is more. Tattoos are sometimes symbols of things we like, people we love. For example, my tattoos all represent very important things to me. Something that someone once said, something that someone loved, something that reminds me of someone.
Noticed the past tense? Exactly.
But sometimes it's not that. Marking your body in a unique way is thrilling. Thing about it. Our body is a blank canvas and we have the opportunity to paint it however we like. I just adore the idea of my body being the one and only with those exact drawings on it. I mean obviously, all human bodies are different but I like knowing that I can make my body look just the way I want it to.

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The pain.

When I got my first tattoo, I was super scared. It was my most meaningful one and I wanted to get it for like 10 months and I just didn't have time because of school and exams etc. I looked it up on the internet and people said that it would be extremely painful because of the body part that I wanted to tattoo and I might cry or even faint. When I got there and the artist started the tattoo it didn't hurt a bit. I was so frightened because of what I had seen on the internet that I expected it to be so much worse and it ended up being painless. If you plan on getting one, do not trust the internet. Each body responds to pain differently and while some feel a lot of pain, you may not feel it at all or vice versa.

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The comments.

Remember that getting a tattoo is all about Y O U . If people, friends, family don't approve of your tattoo, you shouldn't care at all. It is your body and since you want it to be like this, then that's it.

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