📓› schedule:
it's suggested that you study for 30-50 minutes with 5 minute breaks in between. during the breaks, try to move a little and get some fresh air.

📝› area:
develop a clean and organized place to study (I recommend a desk or table, not your bed). make sure you wear comfortable clothing and limit distractions such as a phone, noise, etc

📘› study methods:
find which studying methods work best for you and make sure to use them
- flashcards
- rewrite notes
- watch videos
- make practice quizzes
- study with friends
- extra help with teacher
- make an outline
- reread the chapter
- create a study guide

🖥› other resources:
look online for websites, videos, or sites that go over the material you need to review. use them to help you study. some good sites are CrashCourse, Quizlet, etc.