Zayn Malik, a very well known singer, ex- member of the English-Irish boyband One Direction.

Thought I'll explain incase you don't know him.

Hello, My name is Asala.
I've been a directioner ever since 2010, I'm in this AMAZING fandom since the dinosaurs, I've watched them audition, and fell for their talents, sense of humour, and their faces.
One Direction, is not just a band for me, and now you're probably thinking: "every girl says that!! every "directioner" says that."
Well my friend, let me tell you, that's actually true, a lot of people do say that.
But Directioners are this MASSIVE group of people.. rather family that share same feelings, we vent on one another, and one direction helped a lot of us in the same way.

Today I'm 19, I've loved them since I was 12; I loved them all equally, I still do !
When I was 13, I've got a very very bad depression, I've had no friends, and I barely was survivng at school, I used to go back home after school everyday, straight to my PC or laptop, and start watching videos of them to feel better and listen to their songs on repeat, they were one of the very few reasons I was holding on, they were there for me in a different way, and I know a lot of people can relate to that.

March the 25th, two years ago.. it was about 8 in the evening when I found out that Zayn's letf the band.
I open my IG, to see so many posts about zayn "you'll be missed." "we love you." " you broke our hearts." and shitloads of pictures and captions that I couldn't even read at the time, because the first thought that came to my head was: "why is my feed sull of sad zayn girls, has he died?" honestly I would've never thought he's left the band, I didn't see that coming...

I google everything, when I found out .. I felt as if I was hit buy a car, as if someone tore my heart into a billion peaces and threw it all around like confetti !
I've immediatly got teary eyes and (I was with my brother when I found out) I said, I was very shocked, I said:" Zayn Maliks left..." I went to my room and cried myself to sleep.
The next day I went to school feeling like sh** , Everyone in my class knew that I was a directioner so everyone was asking me all about it.. and a few girls laughed about it which made me go to the bathroom and cry. at school.
it took me ages to get better, and to stop thinking of it..
I was so scared that that was the end of 1D, and the end of the fandom and the end of everything "I thought we were going strong" Which is so true ! but the other boys were amazing enough to keep the band all together and work on their fifth album which gave us all hope again which redeemed everything - but not really.. Because later each one of them's gone solo, they're going on tour each, they're working on new music, they're so good, I enjoyed their music not gonna lie, and I suppourt them so much.. even Zayn, But I miss one direction, I miss them, and I still cry for them so much till this day, I love them too much to let go.

The boys now say they'll reunion, but will they?