Today I read some things that were so disheartening, it made me so angry.
It also made me realise how many people there are out there that think this way.

I was reading a post from woman who mentioned that it was her dream to be housewife one day and look after her husband and children. This post was swarmed by a bunch of so-called 'feminists' who decided it was not the way a women of this generation should live. She was ridiculed as thinking too 'traditionally' and being a 'bad influence' to other girls. That the role she was taking was "behind our time".

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First of all we as women should not be tearing each other apart! The power of feminism is spread support and love towards everyone especially us females who need it the most. We must remove any remaining misogny. So why have we just made a 360 in the opposite direction? Why were some of us belittling this girl for her choice in her happiness?

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At school, from our parents within our peers, we are constantly fed this idea that in order to be successful you must go to college, and you must work towards a profession. You are guided on this path, and any other option is unheard-of.
In addition to this, we now allow for equal opportunities for women, as men. Which is fantastic! But now many feel a pressure to change, to drive above and beyond what we were before, even if that's not what we want.

But feminism doesn't mean you HAVE to ditch that apron and whisk for a blazer and brief-case. It's the ability of having CHOICE. A freedom to be whatever you want to be!

We must take pride in our freedom of choice. A woman can become a successful, intelligent business woman and rein as a 'girl-boss', or she can become a successful and proud mother, devoting her time to raising her children and taking care of her partner. She may want to balance the two and share both roles. There is strength in all, and beauty in choice. The future supports diversity in all shapes and form.

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So we must support each other, no matter what we decide our goal in life is; we need the encouragement from each other on our journey - no matter the destination ♡ as no choice is too 'weak' or 'traditional' or 'out-of-reach'. Be who you want to be, the pen is in your hands, and you are the writer of your story :) GET IT GIRL

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