Step 1. Get a comfortable place. Take Pillows and blankets. Make your place ( bed or couch..) cozy and comfortable

comfort, pillows, and bigshirt image
cozy, bed, and bedroom image

Step.2 Wear Cozy clothes

fashion, style, and outfit image
girl, winter, and cozy image
fashion, new york, and outfit image

Step.3. Snack Time!
my favorite: Salt Popcorn and Ice Creme.

disney, popcorn, and food image
ice cream, food, and cookie dough image
food, orange, and green image

Step 3, Heating from inside.
Tea, Hot Chocolate, warm butterbear....

tea, autumn, and socks image
cacao, chocolate, and coffe image
food, marshmallow, and chocolate image
coffee, winter, and cozy image
drink, food, and harry potter image

Step 4. Lights

candle, fall, and autumn image
bed, candle, and light image
light, bed, and candle image
bed, room, and bedroom image

Step 5. Movieeees

Movie Ideas:For Fall / Halloween / Rainy Days

Nightmare before Christmas

gif, jack, and Halloween image

corpse bride

bride, creepy, and disney image

night at the museim 1-3

theodore roosevelt, skyler gisondo, and ben stiller image

Red riding hood

actress, beautiful, and hair image

The wizard of Oz

gif, wicked witch, and Wizard of oz image

Beauty and the Beast

gif and beauty & the beast image
beauty and the beast, dan stevens, and disney image


frozen, sven, and disney image

Harry Potter

harry potter and hermione granger image

Alice in Wonderland

alice in wonderland, johnny depp, and gif image

ice Age

gif and ice age image