Follow the Sun - Xavier Rudd:

As soon as I am at a new place, I want to travel to the next. Always new places, new possibilities. Preferbly everything, the entire world. But not alone. Not right now. Maybe one day. But right now I want to travel with friends and family, want to discover new places and new things with them.

But what is the promise of travelling? What do I expect to gain from these far away and undiscovered places? They are possibilities. Possibilities for a new beginning. Possibilities to learn something new. Learn something about myself. And maybe I hope to find something at these new places. Something I didn't have at the old ones. I do not know what I am looking for, I only know that there is something missing.

The places themselves cannot be it. They cannot be the thing I am searching for, as the drive, the longing comes from within me. This yearning comes from the deepest depth of my self. The longing is only projected onto the outside world.

And eventhough I wrote this, I still believe that these far away and undiscovered places hold a promise of something for me. So the only way for me to still my craving is to go and travel the world.
It is reality that triggers change, not imagination and theorethical understanding.

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