Day 2: describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

1) My first and biggest fear is dogs. I know some people are going to find me crazy or weird, because 'dogs are so cute', 'my dog doesn't bite', 'you really don't have to be scared of them'...I've heard these comments a thousand times and my fear hasn't gone away.
It's not that I hate dogs or don't find them cute. I do have eyes.
It's just the barking and the jumping and being wild that scares me of. I've been scared of them for the biggest part of my life. It happened when I was about three years old. My parents and I had just moved in in our new house. The previous owners had two really big dogs and for some reason they still had to stay in our house for a while. They were in the backyard, behind a really big window. Me, as a toddler, was super excited when I saw them and I ran straight to them. At the same time, they ran to the window and they barked really loudly and showed their teeths. I was terrified and ever since that moment I'm afraid of dogs.

2) My second fear are rollercoasters. I don't know exactly what happened, because when I was younger I used to love rollercoasters. And since I was like 10 or 11 I don't anymore. It's just the feeling it gives me is not one I like. My stomach is turning and I feel like I'm gonna throw up at any moment. It's also probably the heigth and the fear of falling out.

3) My third fear is failing. I am really scared to answer in class. I always overthink my answer, because what if it's wrong? What will happen? Will everyone laugh? Will the teacher be mad, look weird? Also at the end of every semester, we have exams. I never know what to think about them. Did I do good? Am I gonna fail? I also stress so hard the day I get my results. My parents always ask how I think it's gonna be and I never know. I always think it's going to be really bad, even though my last exam was good. And everytime, after I get my results, there's the relief that, indeed, I did good.