Hey guys, how are you ? Me, fine. Thank you for you support on my kpop articles, I really appreciate it ! Let's talk about my favorite era of EXO, like usually I hope you will like this article !


First, I really liked History because it's the first song I have listen by my boys ! They were all fresh and young, full of energy ! Their outfit suited them perfectly ! Even when they live the song, they smile and have so much fun! They were not yet as popular, but in fanmeet, there was a lot of fan service, they were shy, embarrassed but so adorable. I really miss this era. There were not all their problems, they were united. I am the only person who miss OT12?

exo image
Boys from another planet.


Like many other groups of the time, EXO went through the unmistakable concept of "school uniform" ! This inspired a lot of fanfiction ahah. There was the mini drama introducing the music of the new album of the boys, I still remember when I saw Luhan, my heart stopped beating. This is really the exo flagship song, this song propelled them to the top of the top! A beautiful choreography and a beautiful rhythmic melody!

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Crush on my boys.


I remember this concept, both fun and original! The tree of life, the ears of wolf... I miss this so much. They were all very beautiful, the stylist was really well surpassed! The clip, the song, everything was perfect, the effects, the transitions, the dance steps, I have nothing to say. If you like wolves, frankly, this concept must necessarily please you! They were still 12,this mythical number.

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Nostalgic people in the room?


I think it's one of my favorite comeback and era of my boys. Okay, I know there are already two members who have left and then a third, but anyway. I was not a fan of the overdose era, especially when I learned of the departure of Kris and Luhan. I had a little break with them. But, I still remember the hype for the return of exo with the pathcodes in foreign cities. I remember that Suho and Baekhyun were in France. Baekhyun was in the city of light as his power, but also my birth city. I was literally dead. The clip was perfect and the song too. The choreo, all was perfect in this era.

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Damn, so sexy.


After CMB I was very glad to see the boys again! Who said a first album necessarily told repackage album and frankly I was looking forward to it, I had heard that it was a song related to the summer and what would really be adapted to the season and frankly, the one who said that did not lie! The song just like, the song had a 90 year style like Bruno Mars and this concept was really good to them! I could feel joy in this comeback, like a re-birth, we could finally see them smile again, as if they wanted to show us that nothing had happened. You are strong my loves.

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Stay forever unite please.


I still remember this concept that no one expected, a concept that changed completely from last year, a darker concept with Monster, I really liked that time, I was traveling to Spain at that time , and I keep a good memory of their album that my friend came to offer me for my birthday while visiting me during my trip! I followed all the comeback so much I was fan of this song, I saw all the live, I did not miss anything! It was the first time that exo made this kind of song and frankly it was a success!

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I'm creeping in your heart babe.


I know, I jumped Kokobop, the opinions on this song are very divided, personally, I liked this song, in my sense it is pure kpop! They are wanted to test something new and for me it was successful. But as Baekhyun said, the War was just a taste of it. Repackage is better for me! I think Power is a song that gives you courage and motivates you and I like it! This is a way for exo to show us that they love us and want us and want our success! In addition here also we can see that they are happy to sing to us live. Some peoples find that the clip makes a little kid, I on the contrary, I find it original, it fits perfectly to their basic concept. The choreography is really good and the song also, in my opinion it is a very good comeback!

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We got that power, power!

And you? What is your best EXO era ? Feel free to send me a message on WHI or if you have a Kakaotalk account, we can discuss together ! It will be my pleasure, my pseudo is mailysarx ! XOXO to EXOL :)