He makes you feel special.
That much I know, but trust me when I say he is no angel.
He’ll text you late at night, just to tell you that he misses you-
And after that he’ll cuddle his girlfriend, and say, “goodnight baby, I love you.”
He’ll tell you that you're beautiful, and each time you’ll believe it.
He’ll say he worships your body, and at 3am he’ll tell you he needs it.
Late rendezvouses to his place will start making you feel important.
He’ll tell you to keep it “lowkey", you’ll get annoyed, but you’ll ignore it.
He’ll drive you back home and he’ll make himself seem like the perfect gentlemen,
but once you get out of the car, he’ll kiss your forehead and say, “goodnight friend.”
You’ll know you are the other girl, only remembered when you are needed,
but his green eyes will say otherwise while you are laying underneath him.
The next time you’ll see him will be like walking on broken glass.
You’ll tell him all your feelings and he’ll roll his eyes and laugh.
Your heart will begin to break once the words roll off his tongue,
he’ll say, “I love her, not you, we were just 2 friends having fun.”
Like I said, he is no angel, he is very far from.
Dont let him steal your wings, and if he tries... run.