13th September 2017

Sorry I haven't posted an article in over a week, I have just been super busy with school and stuff.
This article is going to be about my Cross Country Race yesterday!

So, for the past 3 months, our school has been training for the Inter Schools Cross Country Carnival.

The course that we run on is VERY hilly. At every point in the race you're either running up, down or across a hill, and it is absolute torture!
So, I didn't get a great start to the race, because we had to line up in these tiny lanes in your schools. And these popular girls from my school pushed in front of me, even though you're meant to put your fastest runners at the front, and I am faster than all of them. When the race started, I had to sprint and go around so many other girls because everyone was pretty inconsiderate.
The course starts on a massive uphill, and it was super hard. Then, you go down a hill, and guess what? Yep, after that you go up another hill!
So this girl from my school who I do Athletics with was about to smash everyone and win (she does every single year) but she injured herself (her hip) after the second hill! I feel so bad for her because she has won every single year.
Anyway, the course was sooo hard! It was extremely windy the whole race which didn't help.
Lately I have had a bit of a knee problem which means I haven't raced or trained much lately. So, I didn't race my best because of this.
I ended up coming 24th which personally, I am very disappointed about because last year I cam 13th.
Anyway, that's my race.
Overall, our school came second, which was no surprise. There is this school that has won the whole carnival for the past 8 years, and every single time we come second. So, yes, naturally we hate this school.
Anyway, it was a good day because I missed out on school so yeah.


thanks for reading babes!