We always hunt the ways and ask 'What can make my life better?', but the right question is 'How could I make my life better?'
It depends only on us. I think this is the reason why we do what we sometimes do, look: bucket list. It makes us earthborn.
I don't want to write a boring and endless list so, I tried to frame "the best of 15" list.
(Obviously, it is just an inspiration, you don't have to follow!)

#01 Carve a pumpkin
#02 Tell ghost stories around the bonfire
#03 Take a foggy early morning walk
#04 Read: Stephen King - It
#05 Buy fall candles (eg: Yankee)
#06 Fight in a huge pile of leaves
#07 Bake an 'autumn pie'
#08 Drink hot cider and chocolate
#09 Have a picnic in the park
#10 Visit a fair
#11 Take a Family bike ride in the forest
#12 Make a Fall wreath
#13 Shopping day-trip
#14 Autumn colours photoshooting
#15 Give thanks!
#+1 Spend the Halloween in Disneyland Paris