The figure in black shadow gazing at him laying on the cold stone floor in a crimson red flood the jeweled blade in hand feeling the unforgiving agony.

Hearing foot steps coming this way that urged to move out of the scene makes it out the window. There was a scream of a body being discovered. Takes a deep breath observing the stars engulfing the inky night sky.

An hour ride from the villa to the palace. Climbed the 40 ft castle walls, that came to an ajar window into a darkly illuminated room the man behind it all stood front of a bright hungry fire.

“Is it done?” She through the gray, wool bag on the hard wood table. “See for your self!” He opened the bag where the red piercing, heart rest.
“Good work.”
His voice had a deep but soft volume to it.
“You know why I had you do it,” staring at the heart.
He sighed, “He was a stubborn kid, handsome, smart, the ladies loved him. He was supposed to be next in line, in just 4 months all of this, his.”

He looked up now she can see the betrayed green of his eyes.
“Why have me kill him?
“He chose love over duty.”
“Just because he didn’t choose royalty?” Now I'm standing on the other side of the table.
“Your pay thousand is it?”
“Word of warning, you’ll have to deal with the blood shed even if it's not on your hands.”
Walking back to the window.
He turned back to the fire “I know that is what frightens me.”

Made it back to my cabin taking off the dark cloak, inducing my sore body in the icy water, a soft smell of lavender in the air. Remembering what I did and who I did it too, I burst into tears.

He was sitting on the bed reading a book looked up as I came in the door.
“You made it, I'm going to the Greenlands tomorrow come with me”
She smiled a bit, “I really want to but I can’t ”
“Why not?”
“Because!” holding her belly.
"You're pregnant?"
"I should've told you sooner, it's a girl"
"She'll be the heir, we should tell father"
"That's why I'm here, the only way for her to live is your heart"
As much it pains me I have to
A tear escaped as she reviled a knife.
"If I don't deliver your heart she'll die"
"Father already know's"
Her eyes tell no lie.
One last goodbye,
"I love you, Adonis"
"As I you Malaina"
As the knife drove in his kidney starring in those brown eyes one last time as they collapsed to the floor.