List 10 things you would tell your 16-year-old self if you could.

1. Suicide isn't the answer, you're just letting temporary and shitty things in your life win.
2. Impressing people to think it guarantees happiness and self-worth is not the answer. Getting confirmation with people you were never really comfortable with in the first place isn't the answer.
3. People will always find ways to market something dangerous.
4. Changing yourself because people pressure you into saying how awesome it is to have a boyfriend is also not the answer. It's all marketed by media and naivety.
5. Loyalty is everything.
6. Reacting to drama is hormonal and temporary, education isn't.
7. Don't hide your insecurities or feel offended by them. Nobody's actually focused on things so petty and stupid if they have their own lives. People that you actually care about won't go out of their way to use it to their advantage and attack you with them. You'll eventually grow aware but comfortable with them.
8. If you're stressed and unhappy, learn to let it go and bug someone else.
9. Being a loner all the time isn't undesirable, especially if people make you feel bad about being independent.
10. Seeking help is NOT a sign of weakness, it teaches you how to be sensible with your problems.


11. So what if shitty people like the same things as you do? Don't feel bad about it, it's not illegal. Why they being so petty?