Fears are the reasons that restrains our actions or gets in the way from letting us following our dreams. There are two types of people when it comes to facing their fears, people who are determined and completely conquers them and the others who hesitate and try to avoid them until they eventually go away. Personally, I admire the individuals who are bold and lets nothing stand in their way. I feel like everyone should be like that, but it’s not that easy is it?

In total I have 3 fears; 2 that’s internal, and 1 that is a legit fear. Number one- I’m terrified of the heights. Usually I has never that type of person who was scared of heights but the fact of disliking roller coasters, and the terrifying sensation of climbing a long ladder to put up the Christmas lights, concludes I’m an acrophobia.

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Just thinking of sky diving gets me light headed.

The two other fears are anxiety and the thought of being alone. I speak for the people who have anxiety when I say, it feels like the air in your lungs disappeared, your mind is racing with all these overwhelming thoughts, and you can't hear anything besides your own heart beat racing. Sometimes I shake for 20 minutes straight til I'm in control with my body again.

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As for my fear of being alone. I feel like a little kid who got separated from their parent. I can not stress this enough.