Hello again, how are you guys doing? Hope everybody is fine.
As you know I decided to accept the challenge made by @typicalGirl48 and here's my 5 day of 30 days #whichallenge.

Come with me.

5.What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?

1➸ Having my lovely sister and mother by myside.

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2➸ Working with Music (singer), or anything else but in the entertainment world.

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Music is my therapy and life is an art.

3➸ Dogs <3 Any kind of dogs (Animals in general)
I hate- YES I HATE - cruelty against any kind of animals. Their lives matter and I think the world should scream that out and loud.

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You have a voice, they don't so please, help!

4➸ Life ( Life is beautiful and you have to be always thankful to be alive)

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Don't forget to live, to love, to laugh. Don't forget to be yourself, to dance alone or with someone, don't forget you are beautiful and sometimes is normal to feel bad, but remember you can win everything.
You are the one who rules your won world, don't let anybody else rule it for you.

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5➸ Make people laugh.
I'm not good with jokes, but I love to hear the laugh of someone, it doesn't matter who, right? Don't you feel your heart races when you see other's happiness and then you see you are precious enough.

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So for today that's all.

Love you guys, thank you for reading.

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