We all have flaws. We all have things we do not like about ourselves. But I do my best to embrace my flaws because they are me but I also work everyday to improve them and who I am. To go with yesterdays article "7 Things I Love About Myself", today I'm going to tell you 7 Things I Dislike About Myself.
/I dislike that I often overreact about little things that can easily be fixed/
/I dislike my baby-faced knees/
/I dislike how much I worry. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with worrying about things but I need to work on reminding myself that everything will be okay/
/I dislike my jealousy/
/I dislike my belly but with each day passing, I am learning to accept it/
/I dislike how easily I forgive people who continuously do me wrong or how easily I trust people who don't want the best for me/
/I dislike that at times, I don't think before I say or do things and end up hurting the people I care about/

These are some of my many flaws.
I am working towards a better me.