Umm..I have a crush on you, hehe...surprise. I know you do as well but there's a problem your not seeing but I do. I see that you flirt with other girls but you call it just being nice, that "oh don't worry I don't like them I like you" but, do you? Don't get me wrong I am very happy that you do but is it me that your in love with or the fact that you think I am pretty or is it because of my "butt" or "boobs" because I am very different from any other girls I'm not like them if I love you I really mean it and I would do anything for you, but, would you? I love you but how would I know if you do too, I will say this though, it is very cute when you get jealous when other guys talk to me. it makes me think that maybe you're the one but then when we're not together do you think of me? When I try talking to you, you either ignore me or try and flirt but I want something else than that. I want to have long conversations about our childhood or the times you used to watch Power Rangers when you were young tell me about that because I also used to watch it and I loved that show as well. Like let's have weird conversations about your thoughts on conspiracy theories like did we really land on the moon or is the illuminati real I want something with you, but if your not willing to give me all of that then I don't know what we are. I just hope that pretty soon we can become more than friends..i love you