Being a sophmore in highschool, I have gone through a lot of the stereotypical stuff. Mean girls, loosing friends, toxic friends, isolation, you name it! And the people that know what I have been through ask me why I seem so confident when I walk the halls. I would like to help others struggling with people trying to knock them down.

*tell yourself that you are worth it and eventually you´ll believe it

* think about where their hate is coming from, most girls who prey on the ¨weaker¨ group are extremely insecure. the travel in packs because they can´t be alone. in reality it´s sad, but just remember you are not doing anything wrong.

* try and stay away from those people if really necessary. it has helped me to eat lunch outside rather than in the main serving areas in my school.

*surround yourself with people you know you can trust and people that relate to your situations.

*Wear the things that make you most confident even on days you want to hide from the word. All the compliments from people will make you feel more confident.
I´m going to continue this over time but thank you for reading! Please follow me for updates
Your token sad girl,