Hi guys! All right with you? then in this article I will write about the 1984 writer George Orwell. I love this book because it deals with a very important topic that needs to be debated in our society. If you have not read yet, you must read it!
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1984 - George Orwell

The book was published in 1948 by the writer George Orwell and is a critique of the totalitarian system of the time and also the increasing reduction of human values ​​and social segregation imposing regimes of total and absolute control over all individuals. The story of the book takes place after the Third World War in a widely watched society, all interpersonal relationships are vetoed, all acts monitored.

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The book was written with the intention of criticizing the era in which the author lived, however, one can quietly make several relationships with the contemporary world. We can analyze at present elements such as the manipulation of truth by some media, the domination of the population, mainly poorer, sometimes in an undeclared way. Also the lack of privacy, which today has its both positive and negative side very strong. There are many aspects shown by George Orwell in his work. Making an undeclared allusion to the regime of the time he created a tragic future. This future looks in some ways with the future we live in today. Of course, we do not go through situations as radical as those described in 1984, but the phrase that says that we must look at the past to understand the future is concretized in the analysis of this work for today.

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