Eyeshadow Looks

1. Gold shadow on lids, warm brown in crease, light gold in inner corner, warm brown on lower lash line

2. Silver / white shimmer on lid and inner corner, taupe brown in crease, black or dark brown smudged on lash line

3. Vibrant blue eyeshadow on lid, black shade concentrated on outer corner and blended out, light blue / white on inner corner

4. Taupe brown eyeshadow on lids, light warm brown in crease, light gold on inner corner and inner third of lid.

5. Cool dark brown shade on lids and lower lash line, warm brown blended only in crease, metallic sparkly silver shade on center of lids, matte white on brow bone

6. Warm orange shade diffused all over crease and lower lash line, taupe brown shade in outer third of crease and lid, metallic gold on lid, shimmery white on inner corner and brow bone

7. Shimmery pink on lids, lightly dust warm brown in crease, dark pink in outer third of crease and lid, white in inner corner, black eyeshadow smudged on lash line and winged out