Hey girls! If you have already started your period, move on - this doesn't apply to you. I was totally not ready when my period first started. This article is to give girls who haven't had it yet, an idea of how to tell when it's coming, so you are prepared with the right essentials (pads, etc).

If you have one or all of the following signs, you should carry around or wear a couple pads just in case it starts when you're in public/school.

✿Back or stomach pains: The day before mine started, I had pains in my back and stomach area.

✿Discharge: I noticed some on my underwear a for a few weeks leading up to my first period.

✿Cravings: If you have random cravings, and maybe a couple other signs, it's liking it's almost time!

✿Mood swings: One moment you're laughing and having fun, the next minute you're crying because SpongeBob got fired.

If you have your period at school just ask to exit to the nurse. Tell her it happened, and there's no doubt that she will be cool about the situation.
Or, if you're at home, or at a friend's house, cousin's house, etc... just be open to the female adult, she will understand because she went through the same thing growing up.

☆DON'T STRESS ABOUT IT!!! Every girl goes through it. You have no reason to be embarrassed. If you get it at a younger age or older age, don't worry. Our bodies are different and we can't help it.