Undone is a dark, breath-taking book.

Jem Halliday only has one friend, Kai. They met when they were seven and had been inseparable ever since. They do everything together which is why Jem is in love with Kai but kai is gay. she's in love with her gay best friend. sounds painful doesn't it? being in love with someone who you know will never love you in the way you want them too. But this story isn't about Jems love life. No, its about making the person responsible for kai's death get what they deserve. No one killed kai, he killed himself. After kai commits suicide he leaves 12 letters. one for each month. he specifically tells Jem to not investigate what happend but poor jem cannot sit there without knowing the truth. why did he kill himself? read the book to find out.


Undone is such a good book, every page had me dying to read the next. It's a sad but interesting book. The real question isn't why he killed himself, its who was the reason why he did. the answer will leave you with your mouth hanging.