I know that it's not easy to say « Today, I will be okay » especially if the day starts badly.
Today was not a good day at all, but there is this guy on Youtube who makes those lives and it restores moral. It's the kind of live free radio where we can talk about everything including uneasiness, depression and everything that goes with it and having known that too, he finds the words to help you. Personnaly it helps me.

Then here I am, trying to create for the umpteenth time a program to be happy.

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List to be fine

To begin with, catch a piece of paper and a pen and write a kind of guideline, like rules to follow.
Here is mine, personal, take what you want and throw the rest, create your own list according to your goals.

  • Don't care what others think, litteraly.
  • Don't try to delight others.
  • Externalize in another way (music, drawing, writing, ...)
  • Focus on my passions.
  • Do only things that I like.
  • See life as a game.
  • Listen only to music that make me feel good.
  • Watch only things that make me laugh.
  • No respite in a day conducive to negative thougts.
  • Believe the compliments of others.
  • Don't return a negative image.
  • Be friend with my demons.
  • Live for myself.
  • It's doesn't matter to breaking down sometimes but that don't have to happen too often.
  • Be kind with myself.
  • Go out with a smile.
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Now, the aim of the game is to read this list every morning, repeat each line as a kind of mantra. It would be a good beginning.

I hope this program can help us, there will be other articles like that to advance gradually.

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And one day, we will get better.

PS : I'm French, sorry if it's not completely correct. Come see the French version instead :3.