I'm in love with Venezuela in a way that it's hard to explain. It's like a hate/love relationship. I hate this fucking government and I hate the people who loves the government, like I'm also hating the oposition for doing nothing, only words and words and words but they don't do actions.
Talking about doing anything, the ONU. It's the same thing, they talk about doing something. "Oh we are not going to allow that Maduro destroy Venezuela, we are going to take actions" Bullshit.
The only way to be taken seriously its if Venezuela stars a world war.

The things that I love of this country is the people, the good people, the humor, the food, this weird thing that we do to make something serious in something funny, and just that.

But us, the young people, we are losing our youth. We can not be in a street walking by, just walking because someone can stole us, kidnap us or even worst, we can not going to the movies because its so fucking expensive as all. We can not buy a shirt, a pair of shoes or even a lipstick cause we prefered spend that in food.

That thing of having a car at 16? Being independent at 18? Lies.
We have all grown up with the American culture, for all the media (tv, movies, music) and we were hopeful thinking like "oh, one day when I grow up, I will go to partys, shopping, having a car, and then I'm going to live alone, having a partner, buying a house, having a family" If you seems, it can be a little selfish, but tell me, that is what a normal teenage and adult life must be. I feel really bad for all the kids that are growing in this reality and doesn't know anything else, as I do. We could have all of this things and more, but this government take all our dreams away and everyday they trample that.

My hope and faith died long time ago. All that deads from heroes were for nothing. It's very sad. And the worst part is:

I can't do anything
We can't do anything

Pray? maybe, I'm tired of praying, that "God's time is perfect" its true, but I don't know, maybe we deserved what we got and that "time" will be in a future far away.

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