"Hey, its Clarissa, whatsup?"

-Baby hey,
its been a while since i last called im sorry
my boss was been being such an ass and i dont even get time to shower
late shifts, but that doesnt mean i am busy for you

howve you been? I miss you , i miss your smell, i miss your face and your smile.

do you still hate the new short haircut? dont worry though, i like the way the black short hair looks on you anyway, it suits you

im looking forward to talking to you when i visit next time
there might be a promotion coming up! we can finally adopt the other puppy we saw at the shelter ! the one you loved with the golden hair and we can give him all the fun

btw, i love that selfie you posted on instagram of us, the yoga poses looked great and my cartwheel was super awakward though ! it was much fun though

I still have your hoodie with me, its always the other way around isnt it ahahhahahah....i just like it

ill buy you a tulip and a box of cookies when im on my way in a few days

i love yo-

"The maximum capacity of voice mail has been reached please....."

im coming home ...