DAY 1:
a song you like with a colour in it:
- Black Magic - Little Mix

DAY 2:
a song you like with a number in it:
-Dear No One - Tori Kelly

DAY 3:
a song that reminds you of summertime:
-In The Summertime - Shaggy

DAY 4:
a song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget:
-Hotline Bling - Drake

DAY 5:
a song that needs to be played loud:
- The Middle - Jimmy Eat World

DAY 6:
a song that makes you want to dance:
- Break a Sweat - Becky g

DAY 7:
a song to drive to:
- Ocean Drive - Duke Dumont

DAY 8:
a song about drugs or alcohol:
-Drunk - Ed Sheeran

DAY 9:
a song that makes you happy:
- I'm Still Standing - Elton John

DAY 10:
a song that makes you sad:
- Patience - Guns N Roses

DAY 11:
a song you'll never get tired of:
- Zombie - Cranberries

DAY 12:
a song from your pre-teen years:
What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction

DAY 13:
one of your favourite 70's songs:
- Hotel California - Eagles

DAY 14:
a song you'd play at your wedding:
- The Night We Met - Lord Huron

DAY 15:
a song that is a cover by another artist:
- One Way Or Another - One Direction

DAY 16:
one of your favourite pieces of classical music:
- don't have one :)

DAY 17:
a song you'd sing a duet with on karaoke:
- No Scrubs - TLC

DAY 18:
a song from the year you were born:
- Crazy in love - Beyoncé

DAY 19:
a song that makes you think about life:
- I Was Here - Beyoncé

DAY 20:
a song that has many meanings to you:
- Save Tonight - Eagle-Eye Cherry

DAY 21:
favourite song with a person's name in it:
- Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

DAY 22:
a song that makes you move forward:
- Stronger - Kelly Clarkson

DAY 23:
a song everyone should listen to:
- To the Moon and Back - Savage Garden

DAY 24:
a song by a group that are no longer together:
- Wannabe - Spice Girls

DAY 25:
a song by a artist that is no longer living:
-Let's Dance - David Bowie

DAY 26:
a song that makes you fall in love:
- With You - Chris Brown

DAY 27:
a song that breaks your heart:
- When Your Gone - Avril Lavigne

DAY 28:
a song by an artist with a voice you love:
- Why Try - Ariana Grande

DAY 29:
a song you remember from your childhood:
- Never Say Never - Justin Bieber

DAY 30:
a song which reminds you of yourself:
- Starving - Hailee Steinfeld