Depression for me wasn't always sleepless night and laying in bed for days
Depression for me wasn't always hopelessness and empty feelings
Depression wasn't something major for me

It crept in like a unnoticed scratch on the arms, leaving me feeling helpless in those days. Contemplating where everything got so confusing, not being sure how it all happened.

Depression entered not from the front door, but always a window that was half open at night.
It entered the house, taking over some of the rooms, but it could never completely consume the whole house, leaving me irritated and restless
Hard to make decisions and remembering details because of the loud noises it would make in the other rooms.
Because of your screaming I lost my enjoyment in things which were most pleasurable to me. You screamed at me and made me insecure about myself and everything I tried to accomplish. It left a void in my daily routine.

One day, depression decided to leave the house, but it left its marks on my skin
I finally felt relieved for it to leave me be in my normal routine. I felt happy and excited to live again, to be me again. Until one day, I heard a knock on the front door, I opened it and to my surprise it was depression for the first time standing in front of me. Like a tsunami it crashed and flooded my whole house.
It grabbed me by the neck, pulled me closer and whisper in my ear "DEATH BE UPON YOU"

But depression wasn't a major deal for me, right?

Tina Esajas
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