What if I didn't have anxiety?
What if I knew what I was doing with my life?
What if someone loved me?
What if I was beautiful?
What if I knew who i was?

What if I had everything I ever wanted?
looks, personality, talent, courage, confidence, self-esteem

What if I was happy?

These are the questions I ask myself way too often. Way too often I think these negative thoughts. For what reason? I know very well they don't do anything but make me feel worse about myself, but I still keep asking 'What if..?'.
It's stupid really, how one thought can ruin your whole day, your whole life. It's even more stupid that it's a thought that you, yourself control. Why would you make yourself feel bad? Why would you hurt yourself? You wouldn't hurt anyone else. You wouldn't say negative things to anyone else, so why say it to yourself? The one person you should love unconditionally.

Stop thinking 'What if?' and start thinking;

I will not let anxiety control me
I do not need to plan my whole life yet, give it time, me patient
Someone does love me. So many people love me. parents, friends, family, strangers
I am beautiful. I am the most gorgeous human being on this planet.
I am the most amazing creature on this Earth.

I am smart, brave, courageous, beautiful, strong, confident. I have an amazing personality. I have talents, maybe still undiscovered, I have courage and am confident. My self-esteem is through the roof.

I am so incredibly happy.
Believe in yourself. You are much more precious than you think.