Lately I've been noticing that most radio stations have been playing really crappy songs that have no necessary or relevant meaning but money, fame, sex, and drugs. People in today's society are idolizing musicians like this who have no morals like Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, DJ Khaled, and the list goes on and on and on. 95% of the artists I feel are fake and don't really care about anybody but themselves. These kind of artists are very famous which makes them very impressionable to young kids and teens, mainly girls. You see how these girls dress now with their tops that have their boobs hanging out, and their short shorts and skirts with their asses hanging out. These girls now, just don't have any morals or personal standards anymore and it's very sad, which I know is a product of the music they listen to. These kind of girls attract attention from the wrong guys. Not rapists, I don't think that's the girls fault, but teenage boy who have just as many morals as those girls. Obviously these girls are looking for attention because of the way they dress and so these guys notice that and see them as an easy target. These guys will take advantage of these girls and get whatever they can out of them like sex. Then when these guys will break these girls hearts.

I have been getting really annoyed with this because it's like that stuff is all people care anymore and it really sucks. They couldn't care less about the music that actually matters, the music that saves people's lives. The music that helps people through depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and anything of that nature. I just wish that teens my age knew about all of this amazing music. But they'd rather blend in with the rest of the world and I don't want to be one of those teens. I want to be different, I want to be the type of person that is like someone that nobody else has ever met. I feel like I am in a way and I think that's because of the music I listen to.

Whether or not you agree with me I hope you really think about this. Let me know if you agree with me or not, either way here are some of those life saving songs;

Famous Last Words-My Chemical Romance

If I'm James Dean, Then You're Audrey Hepburn-Sleeping With Sirens

By Myself-Linkin Park


Other Side-New Years Day