Hey guys...
I wanna shere with you some tips that I think they're going to help you if this is the last year of high school for you.
Well in my country there are the final exams where they help you enter to the university and usually the majority of the students are really nervous. So I'm here to give you a little help.

1st. It's important to have a planer. It helps you stay organised and also it keeps your brain relieved.

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2nd. The fact that you're going to spend a lot of hours into your room makes you wanna need a room that you just love to spend the most of your time there. That means that it must be with your personality, your style, something that will calm you no matter what. Decorate it with little things that they're just gonna cheer you up. That may seem useless but trust me it's really helpful.

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3rd. After long hours of study you absolutely need a break, otherwise you can't stay focused and continue your work. Relaxe..put spme music on...take a small nap or you can go for a walk..talk with a friend..

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4th. Some fruits and smoothies will increase your energy.

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5th. Last but not least, when you have some free time except from spending your time by doing things that you like (which is the most logical think) it's better to sleep because these days you really need to relax. Also, it'll be nice if you prepare your school's stuff (your bag, your lunch, the clothes you're gonna wear etc.) from the previous night so the next morning you could sleep a little more.

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These days, I know that they're going to be with a lot of pressure, but at least try with little things make them seem better.

[*If you also don't get out often, try to enjoy the company of your friends at school as much as you can.]

Hope I helped... wish you luck !!