I love to travel. It's one of the only things that brings me pleasure in life. The excitement of deciding my next destination, booking a flight and taking off is unbeatable. The arrival and the exploring would have to be my favorite parts of the whole trip. Second to this would be the food, of course.

So, here are the countries//places absolutely need to visit and some of the reasons why. This is for myself and for anyone who may be interested:

Japan // Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto (among others)
-For me it is hard choosing the time of year I want to experience Japan. As someone that adores Autumn, you would think it is an easy decision, but every season brings its own beauty to the country. I love Japan for its culture, landscapes and the language. The food is also a huge bonus of course. Although I have never been, Japan gives me a feeling of warmth that I strive hard to achieve. I feel a sense of homely-ness whenever I imagine going there. I may feel completely differently once I actually step foot in the country, but for now, it is my dream destination.

South Korea // Seoul
- I love the city for its modern look and cleanliness. That might seem odd to some, why would i like a city because its clean?, well, I am someone who likes simplicity. Clean lines and neutral colours are right up my alley, which is something I have noticed a lot with Seoul. I also, of course, love the culture, landscapes and food. However, the clean look of the city would still be the main reason I would visit. Although it's funny how I get the complete opposite feeling with S.Korea then I do with Japan but it is still second on my list. The fashion, skincare and make up industry also play a huge part in my desire to visit.

America // California, New York, Hawaii, Alaska (pretty much all of the United states)
-Very generic, very normal. Most people want to visit some part of the United States. I have different reasons for wanting to visit each state I have listed, but over all I just want to experience America. I live in Europe, so it is quite different here. Also, as diverse as Europe is, America is on a completely different level and I can not express enough how much I love that. America also has Sephora which is just heaven.

Australia // Sydney, Perth ( and all the other cities I can not remember right now)*
-Despite being deathly afraid of spiders, I can not wait to visit Australia some day. The flight is a little extreme - 23 hours- but I just love Australia. To be completely honest, I don't even know why. Something just clicked in my mind one day that I wanted to go, and since that day I have not stopped.

Canada // Toronto
-Yes it's basic that I just want to visit Toronto but there's just something about the city that calls me, again, it's the same as with Australia. No idea why, but Canada is a must for me. It is an absolutely beautiful country, that must be why, right?

Europe // Scandinavia
- Okay, yes, I know Europe is a continent and not a country,and neither is Scandinavia, but I want to visit every country in Europe, and listing all of them would just take too much time. Since I live in Europe, I think this is the most do-able. I have been to many countries already, but I want to re-visit them due to reasons involving some people that didn't make the trips very enjoyable, as well as the fact that I was a child when I visited most of them, and couldn't fully experience the whole thing. In general, I just think Europe is beautiful, and every country has such amazing culture and they are all filled with beautiful and wonderful people.

I'm sure I will discover more countries I need to visit in the future, however these are the main ones for now.
I hope you enjoyed my first article. If you managed to read till the end, this is my official apology for the length of it, I am sincerely sorry ladies and gentlemen. Thank you very much~